The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology wishes to inform all teachers and the general public that the recruitment process for both primary and secondary school teachers has commenced. This follows the passing of 2018/19 budget where Malawi Government committed to recruit 10,000 primary school and 500 secondary school teachers.

This recruitment takes into consideration all teachers under IPTE 10, IPTE 11 and ODL 5. It must also be noted that the sum of the three cohorts is less than our allocation of 10,000 primary school teachers. This, therefore entails that Nobody from the above mentioned cohorts shall be left behind.

This recruitment further takes into consideration Government’s commitment to reduce the high Pupil to Qualified Teacher Ratio (PQTR) between teachers and learners in the country with a goal of improving the quality of education, and also improving the welfare of our teachers.

Currently the Ministry in conjunction with Local Assemblies has finalised the allocation of teachers as per each district’s establishment. All the concerned teachers will be notified before the beginning of the 2018/19 academic year on where to report to formalize their recruitment process by filling GP1 forms.

We are working on a smooth process to ensure that once recruited, all teachers will be introduced on payroll so that councils should not accumulate any arrears. This will be a repeat of last year, where newly recruited teachers were paid their salaries within the first month of their employment.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is committed to improving quality education as demonstrated in the recruitment of 9630 primary and 1200 secondary school teachers in the last financial year.

Construction of three additional teachers training colleges ( Rumphi, Mchinji and Chikwawa) for primary teachers and establishment of Nalikule College for secondary schools science teachers are just some of Malawi Government projects aimed at addressing teacher shortages. The smooth and fast process of recruiting these teachers depends on the cooperation of our stakeholders that include; Assemblies and the teachers themselves.

Justin Adack K Saidi
7th August, 2018

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