Three million litres of fuel are missing at the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM).

The fuel was stolen between January and June this year at its offices in Lilongwe and Blantyre.

ESCOM’s Public Relations Manager Innocent Chitosi has confirmed the development, indicating that there is a syndicate that is organising these thefts.

Five people have been arrested in relation to the crime.

Last Sunday, Vice President Saulosi Chilima told a United Transformation Movement rally in Blantyre that there is massive theft taking place within government parastatals, which involves top DPP officials.

The party has denied the allegations.

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1 ndemanga

  1. Shaaaaaa!!! This is very very sad for our economy. Whether it is the big gurus or small fishes, this is uncalled for. Do we expect the country to develop with this behavior?
    We have electricity problem and we were made to believe that the so called Gensets will alleviate the problem. Do they expect the gensets to run on urine?
    Let us Love our country please. Something has to be done and immediately.


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