Ghanaian Veteran actress and producer, Akorfa Edjeani advised young and upcoming ladies who expose their bodies.

Speaking in an interview on Friday, the never ageing fine actress expressed disappointment in the way and manner some young ladies dress, exposing sometimes their sensual parts.

According to her, many in the society copy blindly, especially what they see in movies and in music videos.

“I think most people copy blindly. You will see people walking in town in weird coloured wigs like blue, green just because they have seen somebody doing so on their screens. They wear very exposing dresses just like they see on the screens meanwhile in real life, the person you are copying may not be dressing like that”. She bemoaned.

Akorfa indicated that nudity does not even attract men and so finds it difficult to fathom why some ladies try to go that way.

She, therefore, advised that beauty can be achieved in good dressing without body exposure and therefore should be every lady’s guy

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