A 24-year-old man in Chikwawa died on Sunday evening after being struck by lightning.

MacFarlane Kaludzu, met his fate while going to his father’s workplace at Mafale Community Dispensary within Senior Chief Ngabu’s area in the district.

According to the deceased mother, Flossy Mandelera, the deceased had left home soon after taking supper and wanted to visit his father who works as a watchman at the facility.

While on the way, it is believed, he was hit by lightning since it was raining at that time.

He had been lying dead throughout the night until today Monday morning when he was discovered by a certain maize-mill watchman.

According to Chikwawa police station public relations officer, Foster Benjamin, the watchman was the one who reported the issue to village authorities.

“Police and medical personnel visited the scene and found out that the deceased skin was dark and the clothes burnt,”said Benjamin.

Postmortem showed that MacFarlane had died of having difficulties in breathing and nose bleeding.

Police suspected of no any foul play.

The deceased came from Sanjama Village in the area of Senior Chief Ngabu in Chikwawa District.

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