This comes after the Sunday Sun reported that Wabantu was rushing to get married because of people asking questions about her younger boyfriend.

Speaking to TsishaLIVE, the dancer claims her words were “twisted” when she saw the article she was “shooketh”.

“I was asked about the ring that I was wearing and I clearly explained that it was for a photoshoot. I was shooketh when I saw the article”.

Wabantu also added that she is in no rush to get married and when she does decide to tie the knot it will be on her own terms.

“I won’t get married because my bum is getting old. I’m not under pressure at all. I do what I wanna do 24\7. I will get married when I want to and I’m not scared of getting married.”

“I won’t get married for society or to prove a point to anyone. I live once and this is my life.”

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