The police in Mchinji have arrested a 23 year old Charity Eliya for allegedly chopping off a nose of a co-wife in a tussle for a husband.

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Information gathered indicates that Charity who is a second wife to Yakobe Thandizani got married five years ago but she has been at loggerheads with her co-wife Veronica Moneya (25).

Due to persistent tussling between the two, the husband introduced a program to spend three days and three nights at the house of each wife.

It is against this background that confused Charity Eliya on August 31 2018 after noticing that her husband who had gone that night to fetch for mice (mbewa) without her knowledge was not honoring for her turn/shift.

Next morning of September 1, 2018, Charity woke up early in the morning and went to the house of the first wife to confront her as to why Yakobe did not show up when her shift was on but it is reported that their dialogue ended in tussle.

Later on, at around 1000 hrs, Charity Eliya (23) who hails from Zikiliya Village in the area of traditional authority Gumba in Mchinji went again to the house of his co-wife where fight between Yakobe Thandizani (husband) and her erupted.

When Veronica wanted to rescue them, Charity immediately snatched her and quickly bite, chopping her nose off and left her unconscious.

It is the community that picked the victim to Chimwankango Health Centre where he was further referred to Mchinji District Hospital where she was admitted for treatment while Charity was arrested and handed over to Chimwankango Police Unit.

Meanwhile, the suspect will appear before Mchinji Magistrates court on Tuesday, September 4 to answer charges of Grevious Harm which is contrary to section 238 of the penal code.

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