A 16-year-old boy who was arrested on grounds of assault has been sodomized while in police cell in Karonga district.

The boy has been identified as Osten Kaonga who mate his fate during the night of October, 2018 while a fellow cell-mate, Daniel James is being held responsible for the crime.

According to police report, the boy was transferred to Karonga police station where he met James who is answering the charges of robbery.

It says all suspects slept in one cell while in deep sleep, James waken the boy and ordered him to caress his private parts.

“After his private parts arouse , James undressed and forced his privates part into the boy’s anus and threatened him not to tell anyone and if he did life will not be easy for the boy”. It indicated.

The boy revealed to other friends in the cell after he started feeling unwell and the officers were alerted.

“Another case of sodomy has been opened for the suspect and the boy has been refered to a medical check-up and treatment as the matter is still in police investigation”. Said the report.

Osten Kaonga comes from Mkango Village, Traditional Authority Mwilangombe in Karonga District while Daniel James (suspect) comes from Sapenda village in Traditional Authority Dambe in Mchinji District

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