By orchestra Kamanga (Correspondent)

One of the leading Colleges in the country, Accountancy Tuition College (ATC) which is opposite Njamba Secondary School along Kenyatta Drive in Chitawira, Blantyre has introduced Bachelor’s degree programmes with partnership with Cyprus Institution of Marketing, a global Business University registered in United Kingdom.

The newly introduced Bachelors of Science programmes are Bachelors in Finance, BSC in Business, BSC in Business Administration, BSC in Finance and Computer Management, BSC in Marketing in Human Resource Management, BSC Insurance Management, BSC Baking Management, and BSC in Business Law which will run for 3 years.

Speaking in an interview with the Director of the College Happy Chirwa said he encouraged school leavers, holders of good MSCE and all parents to take advantage of introducing these degrees to obtain international recognized degrees.

“The Uniqueness of our College is that it is accredited by various examination bodies such as ACCA, ICAM, ABE, ABMA and government through TEVET,” he said.

Happy Chirwa also said the College has all necessary learning materials and operate within conducive environmental and have highly qualified and vast experienced Lectures.

“For those who are looking for boarding facilities the Accountancy Tuition College has boarding facilities for both girls and boys within the campus,” he said.

The College which was started in January 2010 has a Library that Electronic Gadgets i.e. Computers which allows students to access different information from Library at the University in UK.

All students are not required to buy study textbooks and other references materials because the University provide such materials for free.

According to the Director fees for the semester including examination fees is K365,000 while registration fees per year is K136,000. And the school will open at 7th January, 2018.

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