Minister of Homeland Security Nicolas Dausi distributed assorted items to 3,790 flood victims in Mulanje District on Thursday. The victims suffered stormy heavy rains that damaged their houses and household property on 23rd December, 2018.

“we will make sure that the people affected are assisted. We know that there was already hunger in the area before the floods.” said Dausi

He then advised the people to be building strong houses that can withstand natural disasters since the area is vulnerable.

“Our advise as government is that you build houses that are resilient and can withstand this kind of weather. Mulanje north is an area that is flat and is susceptible and amenable to a lot of floods.” he said.

Dausi speaking to affected victims

He urged the people to plant trees that would protect their houses and also to move to high lands for safety.

Sub Traditional Authority Ndanga thanked the government for helping the victims. “This is the first time to have a disaster of this magnitude. I am grateful to government for attending to our needs” said Ndanga.

The relief items included one 50kg bag of maize, two blankets, 10-metre plastic sheet for roofing, 5 plastic cups, 4 plastic plates, 1kg salt, 5kg bag of beans and 20-litre plastic bucket per household.

                                  Dausi giving relief items to affected victims

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