Just like any other child, Zodwa Wabantu also wants a father in her life.

“I never knew my father and do not even know what he looks like,” she told Daily Sun.

“To me it does not matter what kind of a father he is and I will not be angry with him. I just want to find him.”

Zodwa said it did not trouble her that much, but it would be nice if she knew who fathered her.

She said she did not discount the possibility that she may have slept with her own father.

“That would be very wrong and scary,” she said.

Zodwa, known for dancing without underwear, is a superstar of the dance floor, with bookings for this year already stacking up. But she would like to clear up the mystery about her father’s identity.

She said she’d like her son to know his grandfather.

She said she is curious to know if her dad, wherever he is, is proud of her dancing career, assuming he’s been following her.

“Maybe my father is sleeping in the streets and eating from the dustbins,” she said.

Not everyone likes what she does. She was deported from Zambia last year and Zimbabwe had problems with her dancing without panties.

But whenever she starts her moves, many people are left begging for more. This is probably Zodwa’s last year as an entertainer.

She said she will go into farming in 2020 and use her savings to invest in property.

Source : Daily Sun

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