A man of Kitwe township in Zambia last week caused laughter in the local court after he said that the used condoms his wife found in his trousers were used to repair his bicycle tyres.

Jonas Chileshe, 48, was testifying in a case in which Ireen Chileshe sued him for divorce on grounds that he often beats her.

The two got married in 2008 and have two children together.

Jonas admitted that he beats his wife because she is argumentative.

He said his wife drinks heavily and keeps late nights. Jonas also told the court that his wife’s suspicions that he is a promiscuous man have pushed him to having extra-marital affairs.

And when the court asked him about the issue of condoms that his wife earlier stated, Jonas said that he uses the condoms to repair his tyres.

“It is true that my wife found used condoms in my trousers but I did not use them to commit adultery,” he said.

Earlier, Ireen told the court that problems in their marriage started after her husband brought in her step-children.

She said her step-children have been disrespectful towards her to the extent that they beat her up with the support of her husband.

Ireen complained to the court that her husband has numerous girlfriends and he comes home with used condoms.

She asked the court to grant them divorce because her husband has the ability to kill her if she continues to live with him.

Passing the judgement,  Bulangililo senior local court magistrate Kambole Nyoni granted the couple a free divorce because they both contributed to the break-down of the marriage.

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