Luso Youth Club donated a number of learning materials to underprivileged school going children at a function that was dubbed ‘Go Back to School Campaign’ in the area of Group Village Head Mtogolo, Traditional Authority Malemia in Zomba district.

In his remarks, the Chairperson for Luso Youth Club, Kelvin Kapachika, hailed YONECO for its tireless efforts in mentoring the group members.

Kapachika stated that the group has come of age and they would want to contribute positively to the development of their society.

Group Village Head Mtogolo also hailed the members of Luso Youth Club for their selfless efforts that had seen some needy children from his area getting educational support.

The traditional leader said that it is very impressive to note that there are still some young people with a sense of responsibility who opt to use their hard-earned money on supporting the underprivileged than buying alcohol and drugs like some misguided youths do.


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