President Peter Mutharika has cautioned unnamed politicians whom he accuses of attempting to enlist some foreigners to rig the polls to stop at once.

The Malawi leader said he is aware of a scheme by an unnamed politician who is trying so hard to steal the vote, warning he will nip any such attempts in the bud.

Mutharika said this on Sunday at Chirimba in Blantyre during a whistle stop tour held across the city aimed at wooing Malawians to vote for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“I hear some people are planning to rig the election. They are bringing foreign experts into the county to help them rig the election because they know they cannot win (through normal voting process).

“Let me warn them: I am watching you! I’m watching you! I’m watching you! When I am ready I will go after you! Planning rigging is a crime. And I will go after you big time! So you better stop the nonsense you are doing,” said Mutharika who looked so angry.

Turning to development projects, Mutharika said his administration will continue developing the country by constructing good roads and other infrastructures.

President Mutharika promised to construct Blantyre District Hospital.

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