A 31 year old man of Lusaka has committed suicide after discovering that his name was not among the 2009 newly deployed teachers.

“I have a degree in secondary education from UNZA. I graduated in 2015, I majored in Mathematics. But I dont know why the Ministry of General Education has continued to ingnore my application forms since 2016 despite being fully registered with the TCZ”, cried Clement Masiliso before commiting sucide.

Clement Masiliso said he went to school with the hope of helping his young brothers and sisters who are now in secondary schools and colleges but that his dream was not coming to reality despite having completed university because the Ministry of Education kept on leaving him as he had no money to bribe the authorities.

“I have been applying for work in Education since 2016, but to no avail. Last year they said they wanted those for 2015 and below, I thought I would be picked this time. But alas, some who completed in 2017 and 2018 found themselves on the list and I was left out again, this is terrible”, He said.

“My heart is bleeding because my both parents died 5 years. And my brothers and sisters are looking upon me for assistance as the first born to take them to college, but I dont have money. I have ended having more than K20,000 credit in assisting my siblings and the owners (of the moey) are planning to take me to police”, he complained a day before ending his own life.

“Its useless to be alive, you can be educated but no employment due to mass corruption in the system” he wrote.


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