Because of their soft and emotional nature, women find it very sweet when the man they admire use romantic words on them,  but a lot of men find it difficult to be romantic towards their partner.

Maybe the reason for this is the fact that men aren’t so soft by nature, but then it is extremely expedient that people constantly use romantic gestures towards their partner because it is a proven way to keep a relationship alive.

So guys, no matter how awkward it may seem, make it a daily routine to compliment your woman, and tell her how much you love her. There’s an endless list of things women want to hear men tell them, but these 5 top the list.


Telling her you’re happy she’s in your life isn’t just a compliment, it is also a way of reassuring her that she’s still as important to you as she always was. Put yourself in her position, and imagine she’s the one telling you this—I bet you’ll be elated.  That’s exactly how she’d feel if she heard you say that to her.

2. “I’M SORRY”

A lot of men believe it’s not appropriate for a man to apologise to his woman under any circumstances; so even when they’re wrong, they still won’t say they’re sorry—but the good thing about apologising for a wrong is that not only does it show how remorseful and repentant you have become, it also means you cherish your woman enough to swallow your pride and say ” I’m sorry”.


Tell her she’s the greatest cook you’ve seen, tell her she is incredible. Even if she isn’t the best at whatever it is she does, ignore it all, and tell her she’s the best. Women want to be appreciated and honoured, not criticised and under-appreciated.


Women adore nothing more than a listening ear. They want you to pay them quality attention and listen to everything they have to say. So no matter how ‘boring’ her gist may seem or how busy you are, give her time, and listen… After all, she’s your woman.


If you don’t tell your woman how beautiful she is, someone else will, and if that happens,  you just might lose her. Lol.  I don’t know why most men find it so herculean a task to tell their woman she’s the most beautiful being in the universe. I mean, how could that be so difficult? I tell mine she is beautiful every day, and the smile I get in return…amazing!

There is nothing as romantic as appreciating your lady!


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