Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church has distanced himself Prophet Solomon and his new prophecy concerning the outcome of the forthcoming May 21 tripartite election.

Prophet Solomon who is currently based in South Africa is on record to have prophesized that Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera will carry the day in the forthcoming May 21 tripartite election.

In his Prophecy, Prophet Solomon alleged that he was trained by Prophet Bushiri of ECG and Prophet Hara in 2007.

But Bushiri through his Communication Director Ephraim Nyondo quashed the claims.

“We have learnt with shock, disbelief and utter disdain of a series of statements made by one Prophet King Solomon on various micro- blogging websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.Prophet Shepherd Bushiri would like to disassociate himself and his entire ministry from the man and every other political statement that he is making, has made or may make in the future on social media, or anywhere else.

“Prophet Solomon’s statements alleging that he was trained by Prophet Bushid are wholly false, entirely fabricated and works of pure fiction that must be dismissed with contempt. Prophet Bushiri has never met, spoken, or let alone heard of the said individual prior to the untrue statements he has uttered. The said person (Prophet Solomon) in his comments went as far as making prophecies about the upcoming 2019 elections in Malawi and declaring some individuals as supposed winners,” reads in part the statement.

Nyondo added: “The Prophet would like to reiterate that these claims lack every element of truth. The claims themselves fail the basic test of Prophet Bushiri’s touch. Students of Prophet Bushiri, Disciples of his ministry and those taught by him know better than to delve into vain lies masquerading as prophecy.

“The ECG leader respects all other men of God, however, he does not take it lightly when some use his name to advance a personal agenda.

“As a man of God, he is a man of God with a heavenly mandate to preach salvation to the body of Christ. He is never involved, either directly or indirectly, in any form partisan politics. This will never change and those that want to delve into petty politicking should not use the Kingdom of God as a playground for such.”

The statement further says that Bushiri’s role to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and pray for political party leaders.

“Prophet Bushiri believes in electoral systems put in place by the government in Malawi and he has faith that the people of Malawi are the ones with the power to choose the leader of their choice.As a man of God, his role is to pray for the President of Malawi, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the entire government system, all political parties and the people of Malawi so that they have an electoral process that is free and fair and satisfies their desires. God bless you, God bless the great nation of Malawi,” he added.

Effort to talk to Prophet Solomon on the matter proved futile.

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