Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspirant Member of Parliament (MP) for Blantyre City East Constituency Alex Chimwala said latest events that have been happening in the party where some people rose against the leadership is one of the factors that prompted him to stand.

He said it is very worrisome that the youth are joining political groupings whose political agenda is not for the benefit of poor Malawians that are suffering in the village.

“There are no tarred roads connecting to various locations in the constituency and schools are not enough for instance Mkolokoti Primary School has 7,500 learners against 63 teachers and Mpata L.E. Primary Schools which was built to ease pressure has over 2,000 leaners with only four school blocks,” he said.

Chimwala said Kachere Township has no Primary School saying that currently is working with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Classrooms for Malawi which is building some school blocks in the area.

He also said land to build a secondary school for young people living in Mkolokoti, Kachere and Mzedi has already being allocated to and a Technical School will also be built at Nanjiliri because this is in both his vision and that of the president Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

“If we talk of security it is very pathetic that a population of 52,000 registered voters relies on Limbe Police station. The area needs a police station not units manned by a senior police officer,” he said.

Having looked at the magnitude of the problem l have used my own money amounting to k2.2 million renovating gNanthoka Police Station which is now operating, he said.

Chimwala has since described the constituency as the most backward constituency in the City of Blantyre in as far as developments projects are concerned.

He said this is because people have been electing people that are not indigenous people of the area saying that they only come to fulfill their selfish desires.

The DPP aspirant legislator said he will build a youth Centre to curd drug and alcohol abuse among the youth as well as the under-five clinic at Kachere as women are being treated under a tree now.

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