By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the leading the entrepreneur Ghana Charles Padoko who is based in Chilobwe  Township in the commercial city Blantyre has said he started the entrepreneurship  in 2008 to assist the country’s economy growth by creating more jobs to reduce unemployment rate.

Speaking in an interview, Padoko who started business of selling ships from 2008 to 2010 in outskirt of Blantyre said most youths are just idol waiting to be employed by companies which is not health for the economy of the country as most youths are just looming looking for jobs.

“As the youths of this country, we need to help government to create job opportunity to a fellow youth so that our economy should grow like in other countries such as China, India, South Africa,” he said, adding that  he once worked in a Chinese company where he was receiving a peanut salary of K4, 000 per month and he went to South Africa where he was fled due to xenophobic attacks.

After selling chips, he ventured to sell farm produce from 2010-2013 like rice, beans groundnuts which saw him growing where he is today.

Padoko also said his business went bankrupt after a little boy aged 7 stole money in his shop and caught him after six years doing the same but he not charged because he was minor.

He then ventured into selling sachets beer from 20013 to 2015 but because he was a devoted Christian, he stopped the business and later he bought a computer which he used for burning songs.

He added that the money he was saving was used to open a butchery at the same Township where he is operating at the moment.




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