Malawi President, Arthur Peter Mutharika has been appointed to chair the Advisory Council for the Economic and Trade Cooperation of African Youth (ETCAY).

In a statement signed by ETCAY President, Alvin Clarke of Liberia, President Mutharika has been appointed because of his passion and determination in empowering the youth as well as economic emancipation of Africa.

ETCAY was formed in June 2018 in China by 106 youth leaders from 53 African Countries who participated as delegates to the third China Africa Youth Gala in Beijing. The Gala was organized by the Chinese Government under the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

ETCAY’s objective is to assist in coordinating and advancing growth and development across Africa using the Youth bulge, in order to enhance the standard of living of All Africans by ensuring that some parts of Africa complement each other towards a prosperous, free, secure and globally competitive Africa through Trade and Economic Cooperation in the areas of Agriculture, Infrastructure and Real Estate Development, Sports, Science and Technology, Higher Education Institutions, Arts, Culture and Tourism.

Mutharika will chair the council of advisors whose nominees include President George Weah of Liberia, Prof PLO Lumumba – Dean of Law Kenya University, Aliko Dangote, Akinwumi Adezina; ADB President, Julius Malema, Amina Mohammed; UN Deputy Secretary General, Jack Ma the Chinese tycoon and Zhou Yuxiao the Chinese Ambassador for Africa Affairs among others.

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