Reports reaching this publication indicate that Prophet Seer CJ Sabao of Angelic Gathering for Christ Church (AGAC) has been summoned to police headquarters over a controversial video which is making rounds on social media in which he linked the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to albino killings.

In the said controversial video, the prophet is heard warning the government of Malawi and other unnamed people in DPP to stop killing the albinos.

The man of God tells his congregants that the party is doing all this as a sacrifice to win the impending tripartite elections in May.

“The government of Malawi and the DPP, please, as I am standing here may you stop what you are doing. You are doing this because you want to win the next election because this is a sacrifice. They told you if you kill this so many so many albinos you will win, “said Sabao in the video.

The controversial prophet continued to say “whether you will arrest me but I will die for the truth”, while challenging that he can reveal names of those people in the party that are behind these killings.

In May 2018, the prophet was also in the news after prophesizing that Mutharika would not contest in the forthcoming elections.

In the video clip that surfaced, Sabao said the Malawi President will choose another man from DPP to contest as president and the decision would led to the party’s division.

More details to follow…

To watch the fresh video making rounds on social media, click here

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