Health is important to live a fulfilling life. However, psychological problems like stress and anxiety combined with physiological problems like hypertension, diabetics, obesity can result in health problems. Top among those problems are the issues related to the heart. The issue is so severe that according to statistics by the center for disease control and prevention 1 and every four deaths is due to heart disease.

Heart diseases are one of the main reasons for poor quality of life among people. Unfortunately, most of us ignore the tell-tale signs of injuries that later become a nuisance or even life-threatening.

Heart Attack is a complex subject, and its symptoms are not as simple as shown in the movies. There is rarely any grabbing of the chest and falling down as we see in movies. In fact, heart attack related symptom may not even originate around the chest.

Be cautious and don’t take chances with any kind of pains or injuries. It’s better to get checked now than later. Don’t ignore the signs and make it your duty to look after your body. Here are some symptoms that can give an early sign of heart attack and should be looked after immediately.


Chest Discomfort

The classic symptom for heart problems, if you are feeling any kind of tightness, pain, or general discomfort in your chest, get it checked immediately. It may be a symptom of impending heart attack, and you can save yours or someone’s life by not ignoring it.

Chest discomfort can be described as if some heavyweight being put on their chest or a burning sensation. This feeling only lasts for a brief moment and can happen at rest or while you are exerting yourself.

Pain that spreads through the arm

This is one of those signs that can be easily ignored. People usually don’t relate pain in the arm to a heart attack, but it’s a strong indicator of a heart problem. This kind of pain starts from the chest and slowly radiates down the left arm. If you or someone is having such a symptom, immediately go to a hospital and get it checked out.

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Throat or Jaw Pain

Besides chest pain, females exhibit a pain in the jaw or neck region. In fact, most of the females fail to report chest pain as a symptom at all. If you have a symptom where pain radiates from your chest towards your throat or jaw, it is a classic sign of heart problem, get it checked fast.

The feeling of extreme exhaustion

Another sign of a heart problem is feeling extremely exhausted by the same tasks you could do easily before. If you suddenly feel that you are tired as if you ran a marathon without any possible cause, then it is a sign of a heart attack.


Feeling exhausted, chest pain and feeling chest discomfort are bound to make you feel uncomfortable. If all these symptoms are followed by you breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea along with vomiting and dizziness then this is a strong indicator of a heart attack.

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Irregular heartbeats

Skipping a beat here and there is not that big of a problem, but if there is no legit reason and you constantly have irregular heartbeats, it’s time to take a trip to the hospital because it can be a tell-tale sign of heart problem. If you notice that your pulse is slower or faster than normal or it skips a beat ever so often then it is a sign.

To summarize, these are the signs of a heart attack:

  • Uncomfortable pressure on the chest. It can be a constant pressure or can come and go during the short duration.
  • Pain in one or both arms. Pain in the jaw, neck or chest region.
  • Shortness of breath without exertion.
  • Randomly breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and

If you notice all or combination of these symptoms in yourself or someone close to you then get help immediately. If symptoms last 30 minutes or longer and the issue doesn’t resolve itself due to rest or medication, then it is a sure sign of a bigger underlying issue. Don’t ignore your pain or discomfort and seek out medical attention immediately.

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