Zimbabwean Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is reportedly being treated for a minor ailment in India, according to a government minister.

It is reported that Chiwenga had recently gone to India to attend to his health issues, Reuters reported.

He was last seen by the public when he attended a cabinet meeting together with Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa on February 5.

Chiwenga’s health issue has been confirmed as minor abdominal pain.

Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Energy Mutodi disclosed this information on Twitter on Sunday.

He wrote: “The Hon. Vice President CDN Chiwenga is recovering well from some minor abdominal ailment in Delhi, India.”

The medical trip to India was first reported on ZimLive.com, where it stated that Chiwenga also travelled to South Africa for treatment last week.

This medical trip was cut short and he was flown back to Zimbabwe following political protests.

ZimLive.com previously reported that Chiwenga in 2017 claimed that he has been poisoned, during a military coup ousting then-president Robert Mugabe.

A presidential spokesperson, however, verified that Chiwenga was “exhausted” after his many years of continuous work, and that he “had a bullet lodged in his lungs from the war period” 40 years prior.

Source : News24

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