If you’re a regular on these social media streets then Zodwa Wabantu’s nudes or snaps of her a** wouldn’t faze you anymore, but the same definitely can’t be said for man whose reaction was caught on camera. the shook photobomber.

The man, who Zodwa said was a businessman she met for the first time for a job prospect was “supposedly on his phone but everyone could see where his focus was!”.

Zodwa was wearing her signature high heels and a black see-through tutu that left nothing to the imagination and a red bra. She was captured learning against a black VW, while the man looked at her like a meal he wanted to devour.

Every one that commented under Zodwa’s pic with regards to that man, knew for sure that he didn’t even hear a word that was being said during that phone call.

Just look at his face! It tells it all…

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