By Robert Kuwmenda

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) shadow Member of Parliament (MP) for Blantyre City East Constituency Alex Chimwala has been favored as the right candidate who is likely to win the forthcoming May 21 polls.

This is according to a random interview which the website conducted among different people in the constituency.

Gulumba Gamba from Limbe said Chimwala has been doing a number of development programs which people in the constituency have seen for themselves.

He said people in the area need someone with a new vision for the area and Chimwala has those qualities.

Gamba said that it will be easier for him to initiate development projects because is working closer with government than his political rivals.

Aubrey Mdala from Mkolokoti said some of the people that are contesting for the position of MP for the area were already tested before and there time is gone.

“Chimwala is indigenous citizen of this constituency, he has been here for so long and he knows very well the needs of the people, besides his vision and that of the government are the same and have already started reaping fruits,” he said.

Joseph Mafayiti from Kachere Township said people in the constituency are happy with the current government of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika because it is implementing development projects in all constituencies in the country.

He said there are technical colleges where the youth are getting various skills to be self-reliant.

“We can never be cheated again or being taken for granted by people who just come to use us and run away. We had security problems here but none of the people that are vying for the position of MP for this constituency never came to our rescue except Chimwala who used his personal money to renovate the police units that were destroyed,” he said.

Stanley Jumbe from Mkwate said some of the people that are contesting as MPs have no clear agenda as to how they are going to address challenges people are facing.

Jumbe said they have just come to achieve their selfish desire at the expense of the people that are suffering in the constituency.

So does Wonder Shuga from Makhetha who also said people in the area want a person who can work closely with government to bring development in the constituency.

We have witnessed a number of developments under DPP led government as such there is no way we can choose someone from the opposition.

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