Conservation Music Malawi Chapter (CMMC) has vowed to take a lead in advocating for environmental conservation.

The recently established grouping has expressed commitment to work with different stakeholders through arts in raising awareness campaign on environmental conservation.

CMMC chairperson Wezzie Chisenga said the organization which is on an international level is there to facilitate conservations between artists and local members in identifying local environmental issues and finding ways of expressing them.

“As an international organization, Conservation Music leads all sorts of live workshops, concerts and other events to benefit musicians, communities’ schools and all people interested in the union of music with the environment,” Chisenga said.

Chisenga further said that they are working on different strategies used in carrying out their activities in all parts of the world.

Conservation Music was established in 2015 with the aim enabling grassroots action for health planet by cultivating the use of music as an educational tool.

Members of the Malawi Chapter comprises of Elias ‘Zinja’ Gaveta, Wezzie ‘Golie’ Chisenga, Justice ‘J Cappie’ Munthali and Hezrone Tung’ande.

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