By Orchestra Kamanga

Aspirant Independent candidate for Naotcha Ward Dalitso Kumadzi has outlined his plans ahead of May 21 tripartite elections that when once voted into power things will change at Naotcha and surrounding areas.

Speaking during the mass rally he held at Naotcha Primary School in Chilobwe Township in Blantyre on Sunday, he said when the community usher him into power he will influence the authority to construct junior primary school between Naotcha and Mtonda from Standard 1 – 4 to shorten the distance which children are travelling and will put tarmac to Chilobwe ring road from Naotcha primary school, Chilobwe Centre and Chilobwe Market for easy travelling.

“Apart from having Tarmac at ring road I will also improve road network from Naotcha to Chensomba with tarmac which is impassable to pass at the moment and people keep their cars at Chilobwe Centre,” he said.

He opted to contest as Independent Aspirant candidate because he want to help all people despite of their political affiliations and  said voters have lost trust to political

leaders saying all political leaders are the same and just move from one party to another party.

“Most of our leaders they fail to fulfill their promises hence people have lost their trust to them” he.

He further urged the community to vote for him for more development because he will empower the youth through vocational skills like carpentry and joinery,   Bricklaying, Mechanics, Tailoring just to mention but a few,

He said at the moment there is  no tangible development that someone can show  to people because almost councilors who have elected into power in the area has not develop the community cited the example of  poor road network infrastructure and lack of primary schools and lack of portable water.

He is optimistic that he will win because he has a clean record that other contesters.

He therefore urged voters to vote for him for more development in the area.

In another related development Aspirant councilor for Green Corner  Ward Edward Namankhwa said he will bring more development in the community once voted into power like portable water, good road network infrastructure drill kiosks just to mention a few.

“I will develop the community because am a citizen of Chilobwe Township unlike others competitors who are not citizen of the area.” he said.

Therefore he urged the community to vote for him for more development.

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