The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services has rolled out the long awaited electronic permit system in the country.
on Malawi introduces e-permit systemThe spokesperson for the department, Joseph Chauwa confirmed this to to local media.

Chauwa said for a long time the department has been operating manually in granting permits to various travelers which was affecting the country.

“The process was long and mostly could delay travels of many people which could force others to enter the country illegally,” he said.

However Chauwa said with the coming of the E- Permit system, the things will change, as it will be easily accessible globally.

“The E-Permits will allow all travelers across the globe to access and apply through internet and they will be granted the permission and documents to travel into the country and conduct their various endeavors.”

In his reaction to the development, the Director of Tourism in the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry, Isaac Katopola applauded the department for the move.

He said this will lure more tourists into the country which will mean more foreign exchange and a boom in the economic sector.

Meanwhile, the e-permit system is functional in only few regions but will soon be accessible globally.

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