SOUTH AFRICA – A South African man has been shot  and arrested after damaging school windows and throwing bricks at a police van at the Mmametlhake High School in Nelspruit.

It is alleged that when the man was told that he can’t see the school principal, he became violent and started throwing bricks destroying the school’s windows.

Police were called in to assist, and at their arrival, the intruder attacked them until he was shot in the leg.

The incident was caught on video and has since gone viral on social media.

police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlati said police had to act to stop the man.

However, their action to shoot the suspect has been questioned.

Hlanti said Ipid has been informed about the incident and will conduct their own separate investigation.

“That is the part of the investigation that will be done by Ipid,” Hlati said.

“I dont’ think it will be good for me to say if actions by police were good or not.”

Hlati could not confirm if live ammunition or rubber bullets were used.

The suspect is currently at the hospital under police guard, facing an array of charges, including attacking (a) police officer(s) and malicious damage to property.

Source : eNCA


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