By Flora Mitumba

Malawi Congress Party running mate Sidik Mia has cherished the decision by former president Dr. Joyce Banda to support Dr. Lazarus Chakwera in the forth coming May 21 tripartite elections.

Mia showed his appreciation following Banda’s withdraw from contesting as a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections and endorsing the leader of opposition Dr. Lazarus Chakwera whom according to Mia is the servant leader.

According to Mia, Banda’s brevity deserves to be respected.

“Truth be told, Dr. Joyce Banda is a true democrat, a stateswoman, selfless, a voice of reason in the wilderness. She has put the common good of Malawians first and this is worthy applauding,” praised Mia.

He further added that the confirmation of Chakwera by Banda as the torch bearer of MCP and PP in the forthcoming elections is an indication that Chakwera is the game changer.

“The endorsement of Dr. Chakwera by Banda is simply an indication that the MCP President is really committed to deliver on uniting the country,”

Banda withdrew from her candidature as the presidential candidate in the forthcoming May 21 tripartite elections paving way for Chakwera.

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