A 58-year-old business tycoon from Thailand has offered to pay £240,000 (over K225 million) to any man willing to marry his virgin daughter.

The multi millionaire revealed he desperately wanted his 26-year-old daughter to settle down with a worthy husband.

Through a social media post, Arnon Rodthong, the wealthy businessman, is also willing to give his future son-in-law his vast fruit farm.

“I want someone to take care of my business and make it last. I do not want a person with a bachelors, or masters or philosopher’s degree,” he said.

the businessman

The tycoon said he does not care about his future son-in-law’s academic background.

According to the millionaire, even if the man did not get a university education, he will still embrace the chap with open arms.

Arnon revealed he is willing to let the man marry his daughter without bothering to pay for her dowry.

the businessman’s daughter

Also, Arnon said the man can be of any nationality just as long as he is dedicated and hard worker.

The daughter said ever since her father shared his plight, they have received numerous replies from various men.


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