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Mutharika cheers flood victims in Chikwawa


By Flora Mitumba

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika today cheered flood victims in in the Southern District of Chikwawa.

Starting on 4 March up to 8 March the country was affected by non-stop rains that led to loss of lives, properties and leaving over 6,000 people homeless in most parts of the country.

Chikwawa was the most affected district with these destructive rains leaving out a number of people dead, at least 5532 people homeless, with no food and were subjected to waterborne diseases.

Speaking at the rally, Paramout chief Lundu pleaded with the government to help the victims with all the necessities such as food, clothes and medicine.

He further asked those to be assigned with the task of distributing the necessities to do their job in a decent way by not sidelining or stealing the resources.

“Do not segregate other people when distributing the resources and neither any of you assigned to this task must be involved in stealing,” pleaded Lundu.

He further thanked Mutharika for his positive response.

The District Commissioner of Chikwawa also pointed out what they are doing in order to keep the victims safe.

He said so far there are 34 camps that are accommodating 5532 people and that the council has given these victims mobile clinics.

In his remarks Mutharika told the people not to worry, saying God is in control and that his government will do anything possible to help them.

“Do not be disappointed God is in control and I will make sure that you are helped accordingly,” assured Mutharika.

Mutharika also promised that there is enough maize that will be distributed to the victims and that everyone will receive.

“There is enough food and everyone will receive.” He said.

Other organizations that took part in helping the victims were; Habitat, Illovo, Red Cross, and world vision.



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