District Agricultural Development Office (DADO) has extended a ban of slaughtering of pigs from March to June in Mchinji district.

The ban was issued in January 2019 forbidding slaughtering of pigs in Msitu Extension Planning Area (EPA), in the Traditional Authority (T/A) Mabvwere, following pigs’ disease that manifested in the area.

Commenting on the matter, Assistance District Agriculture Development Officer for Mchinji, David Gondwe said the extension of the ban has taken place following the recent death record of pigs in Kalulu and Mikundi EPA.

“We have recorded death of pigs in Kalulu and Mikundi EPA,” Gondwe said.

District Animal Health and Livestock Development Officer for Mchinji, Alexander Phiri said despite the ban, some farmers are reported to be transferring pigs to other areas where the ban has no effect at night, hence making the disease to spread following this act the department has warned to affect the ban the whole district.

“We have reports that some farmers are transferring pigs to other areas at night hence the further spread, this will result our office into extending the slaughtering of pigs ban to the whole district” Phiri said

Africa swine fever virus causes a hemorrhagic fever mostly in pigs.

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