Police in Chikwawa district are on the manhunt for eight thugs who went to a businessman’s house impersonating Malawi police officers hunting for a man keeping bones of albinos and robbed him of K15 million in the process.

Chikwawa police public relations officer Foster Benjamin confirmed of the incident and said the robbers who were armed with panga knives, invaded Mzee Meke’s house at Nkhwazi Village in Ngabu area, claiming they were Blantyre Police detectives.

“They said they were investigating an allegation that Mzee was trading in albino bones, purportedly being implicated by another suspect in police custody. Immediately the four men handcuffed Meke and searched his house.

“In the process, they stumbled upon a huge amount of cash amounting to K15 million,” said Benjamin.

It is reported that the gang pocketed the money claiming it was the same cash that Meke was buying with the albino bones.

Immediately the thugs led him out saying they were taking him to Blantyre Police Station to answer his charges.

“Before long, four other accomplices appeared while armed and threatened that they would kill Meke. The police imposters however pretended to calm the other gang saying their ‘suspect’ was cooperative,” added the PRO.

In a surprising twist, the robbers uncuffed Meke and tied him up with ropes and dumped him in a shallow canal.

Later, Meke managed to untie himself and reported to the village headman who advised him to register his complaint to Nchalo Police Post.

Police have since launched a manhunt for the suspected gang.

Meanwhile, the law enforcers are appealing to the public to furnish them with any information leading to the arrest of the thugs.


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