Information sourced by faceofmalawi indicates that 19 Malawians affected by recent spate of xenophobia in Durban South Africa have been repatriated back home.

This is the first group of a total of 105 people who will be voluntarily repatriated under the Pilot Action Voluntary Return and Sustainable Community-Based Reintegration. (AVRR).

The group arrived in the country on Monday evening and will today be ferried to their respective homes in the country.

Last week government through Ministry of Information and Communications Technology Henry Mussa issued a statement on the violent attacks in South Africa, saying 300 Malawians have been displaced due to the attack.

Mussa also said that two people have been injured and are receiving treatment in hospital.

The statement further stated that government is doing everything possible to repatriate some of the affected people who have voluntary offered themselves to be sent back home for fear for their lives hence the repatriation.

The second group is expected to be in Malawi in two days to come.

More details to follow.

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