By Orchestra Kamanga

200 Democratic Progressive Party supporters have dumped their party and joined Malawi Congress Party (MCP) saying the move is because of the sound leadership of Dr Lazarus Chakwera and his Vice President Sidik Mia.

Speaking during the mass rally organized by Mathews Machila of Naotcha Ward aspirant Councilor for MCP at Chatha ground Elliot Julayi who was former area chairman for DPP said they have decided to join opposition party because Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s developmental vision.

He also said him and other members have joined the party because Moses Nkukuyu developed the constituency during his tenature in 2009-2014 by constructing concrete bridges which didn’t swept way during heavy rains.

“We thank Moses Nkukuyu for his development during his period as Parliamentarian and it’s our hope that he will going to continue once ushered into power on May 21.

In his remarks, Mathews Machila said he signed social contract with NICE that when he failed to bring development in Naotcha Ward  the villagers in the community have powers to summon him or take him to  court.

Village Headman Chatha said as Chiefs, they don’t have mandate to bar any candidate for doing political campaign and is up to the candidate to convince voters to vote for him.

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