Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Cadets have resorted into confiscating phones of all those who are seen taking videos of President Peter Mutharika’s Speeches during campaign political rally as on way of controlling gaffes.

Mutharika speeches have recently become popular for all the wrong reasons.

In his speeches, Mutharika has a habit of saying wrong things including getting names of people and places mixed up.

In fear of what their candidate (Mutharika) will say when he opens his mouth, the cadets has promised to confiscate and smash phones of those who will not be complying with the conditions.

“This is what happened here Mutharika was here at Kapiri in Mchinji but they force us to delete whatever we recorded on our phones regarding his whistle stops tours,” said one of the witness.

Considering the fact that no media house provides live coverage of whistle stop tours, the censorship is aimed at ensuring that nothing that Mutharika says on whistle stop tours reach the public through social media.

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Flora Mitumba
A holder of Diploma in journalism, studied at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) Blantyre campus. a writer, and a radio personnel.

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