A 75-year-old woman in Chikwawa on Monday died after a locomotive trolley hit her along the railway line.

The district’s police public relations officer, Foster Benjamin identified the deceased as Agnes Bismon who met her fate at Changoima around 14:00 hours.

According to Benjamin, prior to her death, Bismon was walking along the railway line.

“A locomotive, heading towards Mwanza, came up and hooted several times, warning Bismon to keep out of the railway line.

“Bismon reportedly ignored the warning, resulting into the locomotive running over her, “explained Benjamin.

Her head was completely cut off.

An autopsy into her body revealed that she had died due to severe loss of blood resulted from a severed head.

Bismon hailed from Changoima in the area of Senior Chief Chapananga in Chikwawa District.

Meanwhile, police in the district are appealing to the public to avoid walking or vending along the railway line to avoid accidents.

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