Vice president Dr. Saulos Chilima has said that he will be the next president of the country after May 21 tripartite elections taking over from President professor Peter Mutharika.

According to Chilima, there will be leadership change through the ballot on May 21.

“I will be the sixth president of the republic of Malawi, the incumbent will be proceeding to retirement,” Challenged Chilima.

He added “Losing is not an option,”

Chilima further added that he is the president of the country, the elections are there for formality as he is waiting for the inauguration ceremony after the elections.

He further rubbished claims by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that it is set for an operation landslide.

“Landslide context is about the way they will exit corridor of defeat, DPP is simply bluffing in public,” he said.

He further said that there is nothing DPP can do to stop United Transformation Movement (UTM) from taking over the government as they (DPP) have failed miserably several times when they tried to block UTM.

“The DPP has tried without success, all sorts of tricks to counter UTM popularity but has always failed miserably,” pointed out Chilima.

When asked if he has a fallback plan if he would lose an election, he said the question did not come to the right person.

“Let that question be directed to others if they have a plan B because in an election there is one winner and in this particular presidential poll in Malawi, that winner will be Chilima,” he answered.

Chilima said UTM is ready to form the next government.

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