Analyst Makhumbo Munthali has rated United Transformation Movement (UTM) President who is also the vice president of the country Saulos Chilima as the overall winner of this year’s televised presidential debates.

Munthali who has been part of the live audience in all the series of debate described the event as well organized and full of class.

“Chilima can be described as the overall winner of the televised presidential debates,” He said.

In his remarks Munthali said Atupele Muluzi leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) was the most convincing in the final televised debate.

“Muluzi was the most convincing candidate in the final debate after he abandoned his confrontation approach to the debate witnessed in the previous debate,” Munthali said.

2019 presidential debates organized by Media Institute of southern Africa (MISA) Malawi hosted 6 presidential candidates out of 8.

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