Vice president Saulos Chilima who is also United Transformation Movement (UTM) presidential candidate became the first political leader to hold a political rally at the political volatile in M’baluku, Mangochi.

People around the area have described Chilima as brave considering the fact that no political leader has addressed a political rally in the area.

“No sitting president has ever come here to address a political rally,” said Anusa Mussa

Concurring with Mussa, a security personnel at a nearby resort also said Chilima’s brevity will make him victorious in the May 21 polls.

Chilima and His running mate Usi at the rally

“He has demystified the mystery. Chilima has all it takes to be a leader and he will win these elections. He has the good will of the people,” the guard said.

When addressing the huge crowd, Chilima told the people not to vote out of sympathy.

“On May 21 you should not vote because you are feeling sorry for someone, you should vote for UTM and its leader for a bright future,” Chilima said.

No political leader has ever addressed a political rally in the area which is known for its political violence in the district.

However, Chilima defied the odds by addressing a campaign rally at St. Augustine 2 primary school ground without any incident of violence.

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