United Transformation Movement (UTM) President Saulos Chilima has promised to transform townships in the country.

Chilima made the remarks during a campaign political rally at Naotcha Primary School ground in Chilobwe, Blantyre.

The vice president said it is worrisome with how townships are being used in the country.

“These days it is just names remaining in our townships. They are not as they used to be, instead of moving forward we are moving backward,” he said.

He further added that most of the townships do not have good infrastructures.

“Talking about good roads clinics and schools for our children, would need an entire day to speak. Everything is in shambles,” Chilima said.

Chilima pledged total transformation of the townships citing that his government will make it a priority to avail social needs.

“UTM will make sure the money benefits intended beneficiaries,” promised Chilima.

On corruption, Chilima said he will not spare anyone.

“We will go hard on corrupt leaders,”

He further asked people to vote for UTM candidates for a better Malawi.

Chilima has become the first presidential candidate to hold many whistle stops in one day.

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Flora Mitumba
A holder of Diploma in journalism, studied at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) Blantyre campus. a writer, and a radio personnel.

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