United Transformation Movement (UTM) President Dr. Saulos Chilima has asked Malawians not to vote for candidates who shunned the Presidential debates in the forthcoming May 21 tripartite election.

Chilima said this on Friday night at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) during the final round of the Presidential debates.

The remarks were a direct attack to a decision taken by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to shun all the three Presidential debates organized by a taskforce led by Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi Chairperson Teresa Temweka Ndanga and Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS).

DPP through its Secretary General Grelzedar Jeffrey two weeks ago issued a statement announcing that the party will not be part of any debate ahead of the May 21 polls.

The party accused the organisers of being biased a claim which was rejected by MISA Malawi chairperson Teresa Twemweka Ndanga.

Apart from Mutharika, Tikonze Peoples Movement (TPM) President Dr. Cassim Chilumpha also shunned the Presidential debate without giving any reasons.

Speaking at the debate Chilima said that the candidates who took part in all the debates were asking for a job from Malawians and those who shunned it are not interested in the job.

“What we are doing here is very serious because we want a better Malawi. It is clear that those who did not come are not interested. Don’t vote for them,” said Chilima while attracting ululation from Malawians who gathered at the events.

Turning to a question from Professor John Chisi of Umodzi Party (UP) claiming that Chilima is working in a failed DPP regime, he said he was fired for his professional work on Public Sector reforms.

Chilima further claimed that the office of the Veep has not been receiving funding since last year. He said records are there to prove his claim.

Meanwhile analysts in the country have hailed organizes of the debates.

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