Heavy rains have affected over 878 people in Nkhotakota district following the heavy downpour that happened from Monday to the early hours off Saturday.

Principal Secretary and Commissioner for Disaster Management Affairs, Wilson Moleni said government, through his department, will not relent in providing relief assistance to the affected.

Moleni said: “We heard about this tragedy and immediately dispatched some supplies which include maize, to assist them. We realize that when disasters hit, people surely need a lot of support.

The Commissioner said: “Most importantly, we also came to see for ourselves and assess the situation. As government, we will continue to support the affected.”

Moleni then appealed to the affected to move uplands as a solution to recurrence of floods in same areas.

“I am appealing to you to move to higher and safer areas in the near future to avoid perennial flooding challenges,” said Moleni.

Moleni’s sentiments were also echoed by Sub/TA Kalimanjira and Acting District Commissioner Greystone Alindiamawo.

The displaced, mostly from Nthondo, Kasita and Masula Villages in Sub T/A Kalimanjira, have sought refuge at Kalimanjira Trading Centre and Mkazimasika School Camps.

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