By Flora Mitumba

Residents of Likoma and Rumphi districts will now be able to engage duty bearers in tracking public resource expenditures.

The development has come following the launch of Find Your Feet project of K82 million in the districts.

Speaking at the event, Programs Manager, Merina Mtonga said the project will improve transparency and accountability as people in the districts will be able to know how public resources are being used in the councils.

She further added that the project will help in delivery of good quality services in district councils.

“The project will among other things help the delivery of good quality public expenditure in the district councils,” Mtonga said.

Public resources to be monitored include District Development Fund, Constituency Development Fund and Local Development Fund.

The project has been launched with partnership of Church and Society of Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP, funded by Tilitonse Foundation.

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