Arch Bishop Thomas Msusa has said that high levels of corruption is one of the contributing factors to natural disasters.

He said this on Monday at Mwalija Camp in Chikwawa where Episcopal Conference of Malawi launched a 2019 Floods Response for the dioceses of Chikwawa and Zomba.

Msusa said that he believes that if tax money was used accordingly some of the tragedies that happen due to natural disasters would have been prevented.

“This is not the first time for the country to be hit by floods. We fail to prepare well and build better structures to curb floods,” said Arch Bishop Msusa”

He further added that he is not sure if Department of Disaster Management Affairs is properly funded.

“Am not even sure whether the Department of Disaster Management Affairs is provided with adequate funds to be alert and act swiftly before, during and after disaster,” he said.

Msusa further asked people to join hands in fighting corruption and that government should close all the loopholes.

“Let us join hands to end this. We therefore ask government to close all the loopholes so that taxes are properly used,” he said.

The Arch Bishop also said that Catholic community will build at least 800 houses to the flood victims in Chikwawa, Phalombe, Nsanje and Zomba.

Chikwawa Director of Planning and Development, Douglas Moffat, hailed the church for helping the flood victims in the district.

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