Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the Southern Region, Kondwani Nankhumwa Tuesday advised politicians in the country to practice transformative politics which could lead into tangible developments.

Speaking when he addressed a campaign rally during a whistle stop tour of Chikwawa North Constituency, he said time is way gone for politicians to be castigating each other, noting that people expect nothing short of development.

“There are several challenges communities are facing especially in the health sector which include access to good quality health services, drugs and ambulances. This is the right time for people to demand that from duty bearers and that also determines who gets the vote,” Nankhumwa said.

The Vice President called on people in the constituency to vote for Owen Chomanika who is aspiring for the parliamentary seat, saying he was principled and would take development of the area to another level.

“When people go out to the polling station to vote, they don’t vote for such candidates to do politics but to bring development that would bring positive change in their areas,” he said.

“Owen Chomanika is the true son of President Prof. Peter Mutharika. He must take the seat because he is ready to deliver and bring you meaningful development,” Nankhumwa added.

Paramount Chief Lundu said Chomanika was the only suitable for the position and that he must be given chance to lead Chikwawa North Constituency.

DPP’s Governor for the Southern Region, Charles Mchacha said there was no other party that would unseat the current DPP-led government, calling on people to vote for the DPP in their large numbers during the May 21 polls.

“Other political parties have been a mess in the eyes of the people and have killed and despised Malawians. Parties such as the Malawi Congress will never be forgiven by Malawians for the atrocities inflicted on innocent people.

“Some political alliances are a nuisance to Malawians and they can’t do anything to the DPP-led government because Malawians are tired of their tactics,” he said.

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