National Youth Manifesto has called for the need to stop selling land to foreigners by 2020 under any circumstances.

This was said during the launch of the manifesto in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

Speaking during the launch Charles Kajoloweka, YouthDecide team leader said their major concern is that Malawians are losing their land to foreigners.

“We all know that land is a critical for any country to develop. For instance, if we want to engage young people in agriculture the first capital they will need is agriculture,” he said.

He added; “So it does not make sense to lose land to foreigners who are not investors at all,”

Kajoloweka further added that their main aim is to ensure that everyone has land.

“Our ultimate aim is to make sure that every Malawian whether poor or rich has access to land,” he said

The national Youth Manifesto is being championed by Mzuzu based Non-governmental Organization, Youth and Society (YAS).

On Wednesday it launched a National Youth campaign YouthDecide 2019 under the theme “Consolidating Malawi’s youth development agenda through collective youth voice and agencies.”

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