Pastor Mercy Manja has launched Beauty and Grace Ladies Ministry at Kanjedza Primary school in Blantyre.

The launch took place on April 13, 2019 and the launch was witnessed by a huge crowd.

Manja, the founder of the ministry, said the ministry is aimed at helping women to believe in themselves.

“The ministry is there to help a woman to identify herself” She said.

She further added that a woman can believe herself if she has the word of God in her life hence the establishment of the ministry.

“Word of God is essential in a person’s life and the ministry is there to deliver that,” Manja explained.

The woman of God also said that the ministry will not only target the spiritual life of a woman but all corners of life of a woman.

“We are here to uplift women in all corners of their lives, talking of spiritually, physically, academically and economically,” she said.

In an interview with Faceofmalawi reporter, one of the organizers of the launch Pastor Keness, said the ministry will help in changing mindset of women by ensuring that they realize what they have.

“Culturally women are considered to be weak, this ministry is there to change that mindset among women and helping them to realize who they are in their societies and that they still have it,” Pastor Keness explained.

She further added that they are not looking for sympathy.

“This is not about gender equality it is about empowering a woman, we want to bridge the gap that the world and the church has created,”

She added that they want to produce great women out of the ministry.

Shekinah Music, a gospel artist, expressed her gratitude to be part of the great event.

She added that it is her desire to see women doing great and mighty things in their societies.

The songstress added that the ministry will bring transformation to women lives.

“It is a great honor to be part of this wonderful event, this will bring transformation to women lives,”

She added; “I believe in empowering women and I put welfare of women at heart that is why I took part in the launch,”

Commenting on the matter Agnes Gausi, said the ministry will help them to shine.

The ministry has been launched under the scripture Matthew 28:18-20

Carol Kadzuwa, Shekinah Music and Tayanjana Nandolo spiced up the launch with music.

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