United transformation movement’s youthful shadow councilor for Chigoneka Ward, Ian Solomba Banda on Wednesday distributed UTM branded calendars to residents of areas 6 and 33, in Lilongwe.

The calendars display key policies which UTM has for the ward and the calendars were handed door to door.

Solomba explained that he did it symbolically to remind voters that the day to exercise their right to vote on 21 May is drawing closer.

Solomba performed the symbolic gesture together with area 47 sector two’s fellow youths. He believes the youths possess the perfect vision and energy necessary for the transformation of this collapsing nation’s neighbourhood.

This was not the first time Solomba did this. Previously he did the same in area 47. He plans to do it again in all the areas of the ward before May 21.

Ian Solomba Banda, a polytechnic graduate performed exceptionally during the councilor’s debate, which took place in Chigoneka ward a couple of weeks ago. He is the most popular candidate in Chigoneka Ward.

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