United Transformation Movement (UTM) who is also the vice president of the Country Dr. Saulos Chilima has pledged a good life for everyone when elected into power in the forthcoming elections.

Chilima made the remarks during whistle stop tours in Kasungu.

In his remarks Chilima, said UTM administration will improve quality life of people in the country by making sure that everyone is having three meals a day, access to quality and affordable education and improved agriculture methods.

“We will be announcing the new fertilizer prices very soon. We want everyone to have access to fertilizer and not the way it is being done now,” Chilima said.

The whistle stop tours provided a chance to people to interact with Chilima, asking questions and providing solutions to various topic.

Chilima further asked the people to vote for him if they really want their lives to improve.

“But for all of this to work, we need your support and we need your vote,” pleaded Chilima.

He further asked people of Kasungu to vote for UTM candidates for massive development.

“You should vote for UTM leaders. We are the ones who will give good life to everyone,” he said.

Traditional Authority (T/A) Santhe hailed Chilima for enlightening people about their role in development projects.

He further asked his subjects to go and vote in large numbers to exercise their constitutional right.

Chilima held five whistle stop tours at Santhe trading center, Chidzuma village, Chinkhoma trading center, Kasese village and Tradition Authority (T/A) Njombwa.

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